Our success stories of experience and innovation

The acquisition of SES and the move into the new 6500m2 plant has allowed to increase the offer with large and very large moulds and to add production capacity focused on multiple tooling projects.

Automotive interiors and under the hood

Sequential injection and multi-material solutions for any parts of car interior and under the bonnet, made with technopolymers.

Automotive exteriors

Complete sub-systems and single parts (front-end, tailgate, spoilers, bumpers, trims, lockary) made with special solutions, including sequential injection and 2k.


Waste containers from 40L to 3200L, with innovative technical solutions to inject very thin wall thicknesses, which reduce both product weight and cycle time, with same structure and performance.

Materials handling and large containers

Any kind of solution for materials handling: from large boxes for injection machines over 5000 tons, to pallets, to different types of crates (nesting/stacking, folding, bottle, logistic).


Very competitive products with thin wall thicknesses and fast cycles, produced with high performance tools, mainly multi-cavity.

Housewares and domestic appliance

Aesthetical and functional parts for both appliance and housewares.