Support the client in every phase of the project

The initial phase of each project is essential to its success, because it allows identification of all the aspects that can affect the performance of components and tools, and to intervene when the impact on cost and time is limited.

Product and process engineering

The interaction with the technical team of the client permits you to combine synergistically their respective competences and to analyse the project from all points of view: functionality, structure, printability, mould. The experience gained over the years by the Esistampi staff and its partners allows to sustain the customer and to support it in defining the optimum geometry of the components to be produced.

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Structural and rehological simulation

The expert use of simulation software to check the structural, functional and rheological aspects of the new geometries allows you to virtually validate the product and the process and to transfer, to anyone designing the mould, useful information to make the process robust and efficient.

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Preventive analysis of product and process critical aspects allows to better product geometry in order to have an efficient injection process and to address the mould design choice in line with required quantities and product complexity.

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Mould design

Esistampi mould design approach is always pro-active: the experience acquired over years of activity is available for the customer to take the right decision to get good parts for testing since the FOT and to have a robust process.

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